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The City of Fayetteville, Arkansas is very small business friendly, even being named as one of the best cities to state a small business by CNN.  To assist aspiring business owners, Fayetteville's city government has published a guide for navigating through zoning and building codes, state and local taxes, insurance, and other matters.  If you are looking to launch a business in another Arkansas city that has not published such a guide, Fayetteville's will still provide general information that is useful.  Additional information on starting a business in Arkansas can be found on the Arkansas Small Business Administration and Department of Finance and Administration's websites.
These small business related resources are published by Arkansas state and local government.  As such, they are sources of general information, and not a substitute for specifically tailored legal advice.  Entrepreneurs will need professional assistance from an accountant, who will prepare the business entity's tax returns, and an attorney, who can assist with choosing an appropriate business entity, and creating legal documents such as articles of incorporation or organization, operating agreements, shareholder agreements, and bylaws.  

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